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Soundfield Systems

Young people spend at least 45% of their school day engaged in listening activities within a classroom environment.

Studies estimate that 80% of school children will have some form of hearing loss during an academic year and with the importance of auditory learning in the classroom, the use of technology to enhance listening performance is becoming more important.

The use of 'Soundfield Technology' enables young people to hear more clearly.

The system works like a public address system, distributing the sound evenly within the classroom, producing high quality speech intelligibility.

The system is designed to raise the teacher's voice above the ambient noise level, to give even voice coverage throughout the room, without the need to shout or raise the voice. This will provide significant benefits for teacher/pupil communication and understanding.


A System will generally comprise of the following high quality equipment:-

  • Wireless Microphone and Receiver
  • Amplifier
  • Loudspeakers
  • Connection Cables

The design of the system is critical in achieving the full benefits of a Soundfield System.

The size, shape, height and construction of the classroom will determine the system design and the type of speakers used.

In large classroom environments or lecture theatres, ceiling speakers can be used to maximise the sound levels and maintain clarity.

Portable Soundfield Systems are also available.  These can be used where a permanent installation is not practical or for use in a temporary classroom environment.

For further information on Soundfield Systems in schools >

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